With Digara, our services range from a wide set of options, that can also be tailored to suit our customers and their preferences.

We understand that in building and construction, no two projects are completely alike.

That’s why, here at Digara we pay utmost attention to the customer’s needs and preferences and work together to deliver the highest quality of work, that also, exceeds expectations.

We offer small scale residential construction, minor and major refurbishment work on residential properties; as well as large scale industrial and commercial construction work. Our expert team will be with you each and every step of the way to ensure your project is delivered up to expectation.

Our services can be generally listed as:

  • Project consultation;
  • Project estimation;
  • Drafting;
  • Building; – interior and exterior.
  • Construction;

Our expert team of project managers, estimators, draftsman and architects come with well – versed technical and practical knowledge as well as experience to deliver quality work.

Get in touch with us on our contact page and let’s discuss your options.


Our experienced team from the commercial department is ready to work with you on your project needs. 

We work with clients specifications, requests or supply plans, costs estimates and other relevant details, according to the client’s tailored requests. 

Our enquiry turnaround time is as brief as possible, no later than seventy two hours and as short as within twenty four hours. 

Clients reaching us with their enquiries, usually already have a plan with them for their project, our job is to bring the building to life. However, there are some instances where the client comes to us with an idea and we discuss with them on how to take this from concept to planning and drafting and then to eventually the building phase. 



We offer inhouse draftsmen and architect expertise that complement our estimators. 

With our inhouse team, we are able to prepare concepts, or work together with the client to bring their concept to life and on 3D. 

Within our steel workshop, we also have draftsmen who convert simple sketches to actual plans. Whilst our inhouse architects oversee the design and planning of all building projects. 

Building and Construction

Our building services division is diverse and large, but works seamlessly to provide all building needs and fulfil requests in a timely manner and within budget. 

From large scale commercial building projects, to residential projects to small scale minor repairs and refurbishments, we’ve got you covered. 

Within our building team, we also have a steel fabrication as well as a joinery workshop. 

Our skilled tradesmen come from all backgrounds and trades, from scaffolding, to carpentry, to painting, to plumbing, to bricklaying and more. We have you covered. 

Our project managers and site supervisors also bring to the job, vast experience and knowledge like no other. We deliver quality, on time and exceeding expectations. 

Minor Services

Some of the minor services we provide are one off works for steel fabrication; or joinery. 

Our steel and joinery workshops provide complementary services to our main building and construction division. However, we are able to cater to one off clientele request in this area. 

We produce steel fabricated items according to clients and that comes in a wide range. From water carts to vehicle bars, to beams, to bins and more. 

Whilst with our joinery, we provide repairs for furniture, or new furniture, cabinets and other woodwork products. We only produce from high quality wood and our product range is always of high quality . 

Get in touch with either of our workshop team today and see what they can do for you. 

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